How to Help Someone Overcome Marijuana Addiction: 15 Steps

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How to Help Someone Overcome Marijuana Addiction: 15 Steps

A recent placebo-controlled study in 29 heavy cannabis smokers found that opioid-receptor blockade by naltrexone (12, 25, 50, or 100 mg daily) enhanced the subjective and cardiovascular effects of cannabis [60]. This pattern of human experimental findings is not completely consistent, but suggests that clinically used doses of naltrexone would not be effective as treatment for cannabis dependence, and might actually increase the abuse liability of cannabis. Several studies have tested the effects of medications on cannabis withdrawal [35–37]. No medication has regulatory approval for the treatment of cannabis withdrawal. The CB receptor agonist THC has shown efficacy in several human laboratory studies and open-label case series. See Table 1 for description of all pharmacological treatment trials for cannabis dependence.

  • This will help you focus on worthwhile things rather than your desire to smoke weed.
  • This article explores some of these tactics for how to stop smoking weed as well as information on the withdrawal symptoms you may experience.
  • Lithium is a mood stabilizer used primarily in the treatment of bipolar disorder (depression and mania), both acutely and chronically.
  • The neurotransmitter glutamate has emerged as a potential target in the treatment of addictions, such as cocaine, nicotine, and cannabis dependence.
  • It can be hard when you’re living with marijuana abuse or watching someone you care about deal with it.

Additionally, because it impairs judgment and motor coordination, marijuana use contributes to a greater risk of injury or death while driving a car. Data analysis suggests that marijuana use more than doubles a driver’s risk of being in an accident. On a related note, the combination of marijuana and alcohol increases driving impairment more than either substance alone. Scientists are also reviewing the potential of a dietary supplement called N-acetylcysteine and FAAH inhibitors to lessen withdrawal symptoms.

Can CBD Help With Marijuana Withdrawal?

One thing supporters of marijuana legalization do not mention is the higher rate of addiction among young initiates. Among all people who use marijuana, one in nine will become dependent on the drug. But when young people start abusing the drug in their teens, the rate is one in six. Just to reinforce that statistic, this means that out of six youth who begin smoking dope in their teenage years, one will become addicted. Some people, especially lobbyists for the legalization of marijuana, state that marijuana is seldom if ever addictive.

  • This is particularly important given the increase in marijuana legalization in the U.S., and in Canada, marijuana may be legalized as early as 2017.
  • Start by talking to your doctor or mental health professional about your treatment options.
  • This means the person cannot stop using it even if they want to, and they develop marijuana use disorder.
  • At this time, several THC-based drugs have been approved by the FDA to treat pain and nausea.
  • The majority of patients experienced gastrointestinal adverse events.

Since many of these withdrawal symptoms mimic warning signs of other conditions and problems, an expert assessment by an addiction professional is necessary to determine whether marijuana withdrawal is the cause. With the ongoing legalization of marijuana in the United States and around the world, it can be hard to say how this will impact marijuana use and abuse. More research marijuana addiction needs to be done on potential treatments for marijuana abuse and how to increase support and accessibility for existing treatments. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), and contingency management (CM) have all been used in treating cannabis use disorder, and it was found that a combination of all three might be most effective.

Parents May Just See the Effects of Drug Abuse

We do not offer individual medical advice, diagnosis or treatment plans. In addition, marijuana dependence has been linked with a lack of motivation. Someone who is addicted may lack the drive to engage in activities, pursue goals, or keep up with responsibilities, including school and work. Someone who is addicted to marijuana will prioritize their drug use over other aspects of their life.

how to treat marijuana addiction

PET brain imaging studies in healthy volunteers so far seems to suggest that THC administration results in modest dopamine release in some human brain regions, but the role of this action in the rewarding effects of THC remains unclear. Therefore, the place in treatment of medications that target the brain dopamine reward system also remains unclear. Cannabis use disorder is more likely to develop in individuals who began smoking weed at a younger age or use the drug heavily.


Fortunately, there are ways for you to maintain sobriety and prevent a relapse. Organize sober activities instead of spending your days and nights with pot-smoking friends. Exercise has been shown to reduce addiction cravings, according to research studies.

how to treat marijuana addiction

Substance use disorder can cause different problems regarding your health, relationships, and work life. If you or a loved one struggles with polysubstance misuse or addiction, help is available. American Addiction Centers’ (AAC) treatment facilities offer several options for treatment to fit your needs.

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