desk checking English definition, grammar, pronunciation, synonyms and examples

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desk checking English definition, grammar, pronunciation, synonyms and examples

We’d been rehearsing this several times and were all sitting around at our desks in the classroom, and, of course, we started behaving like children because we were bored. Each bunk had a sliding door for privacy, which was also given in a series of cubicles that came equipped with writing desks. The room was free of obstacles such as pillars, desks and chairs, and along one wall were windows, which let in fresh air.

definition of desk checking

Desk checking consists of the author carefully stepping through the model in an attempt to catch any inconsistencies. It is the only technique where the main responsibility to verify is placed on the author of the model. The author thoroughly reads all original documents, notes, and goals and tries to verify that the completed product accurately and completely models everything that it set out to do.

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The audience will gather any questions or concerns based on their expertise in the field as well as their knowledge of the system. At the meeting, the author will present the document to the audience and explain the methods and findings. The facilitator is responsible for presenting questions from the audience at this time. In addition to leading the structure of the meeting, the facilitator takes notes of remaining issues to be reanalyzed later.

definition of desk checking

Desk checking is also known as hand tracing that implies the technique of testing an algorithm’s logic and input/output variables by the programmer. Desk check is performed manually by walking through every line in a pseudo-code to identify the bugs in logic and to ensure if the algorithm works as what is desk checking intended. It is performed on an algorithm code using tables with columns as line number, value of variables, conditions if applicable, input-output and result expected. Each line of a pseudo code is assigned a number and this line number is the first field in the table designed for desk check.

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Input-Output column displays the input value given by the user and the output result given by the program. The above algorithm displays the result as ‘a is greater’ and it is defined in the table as well. It is non-computerized definition of desk checking process of checking the logic of an algorithm before its implementation as a program code. Developers may desk check their code before releasing a software program to make sure the algorithms are functioning efficiently and correctly.

A test of an algorithm by a human, who runs through its operations in sequence to verify the result. The drawback with this system is that even 8group desks normally have 16 or more input channels, of which only 2 are really needed for the stereo input. When the other desks join in, the first half/hexachord of the 12-note theme is heard for the last time, almost nostalg ically, as a gesture of farewell.

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You can usually understand which meaning is implied by the phrase ‘checking in’ or ‘check in’ depending on its context. Desk checking is a manual technique for checking the logic of an algorithm. The person performing the desk check effectively acts as the computer, using pen and paper to record results. Manually going through the code line-by-line may help a programmer catch improper logic or inefficiencies that a software debugger would not. The following example shows desk checking involving sequence, selection and iteration .

While many methods of validation or verification rely on numerical results, informal methods tend to rely on the opinions of experts to draw a conclusion. While numerical results are not the primary focus, this does not mean that the numerical results are completely ignored. In some cases, informal methods offer the convenience of quick testing to see if a model can be validated.

Table columns in desk checking

If an audit trail is in place, any error in the model should be able to be traced back to the original source to easily find and make corrections. An audit is conducted by meetings and following the audit trail to check for issues. Test our online language courses for free for 7 days and receive a free personal level assessment. If the condition is False, execution jump from the IF to the ELSE, and the lines from the ELSE to the ENDIF are executed. Many jobs in manual labor have shrunken in proportion to the size of the population, replaced by desk jobs.

  • The goal of is to explain computer terminology in a way that is easy to understand.
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  • For example, the developer may track the value of one or more variables in a function from beginning to end.
  • Pupils sit at desks using their lightweight wireless laptops to collect and format their lesson plans.
  • The reason is the synergistic effect of the walkthrough or inspection team.

Because the focus is more than just a technical review, it is considered a high level method. Like the walkthrough process, the review process should have documents submitted prior to the meeting. A walkthrough is a scheduled meeting with the author in charge of the model or documents that are set to be reviewed. In addition to the authors, there is usually a group of senior technical staff and possibly business staff that help analyze the model.

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The goal of is to explain computer terminology in a way that is easy to understand.

definition of desk checking

Desk checks are useful to check an algorithm thereby confirming that the algorithm works as expected and saves time possibly writing a program that doesn’t do what was intended. The following example shows desk checking involving selection using a non-linear nested IF-ELSEs. As the algorithm is executed, conditions are evaluated and the details are recorded in the column. A second, and more important, reason is that it runs counter to a testing principle of Chapter 2—the principal that people are generally ineffective in testing their own programs. The reason is the synergistic effect of the walkthrough or inspection team.

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It is the duty of the designer/programmer to make sure to have traversed through all possible paths of the logic and make use of every data set that is required. This is quite different from a test plan, which does not focus on the internal workings and logic, and rather mostly focuses on inputs and outputs required by the application. A desk check is performed with the help of a table with columns for pseudo-code line number column, condition column, input/output column and a column for variables. The pseudo-code line number column helps in specifying the line or lines being executed.

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